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Your TEST To TESTimony

All too often we get blinded by the tests that we forgot how it can become a testimony. We focus on the problem so much that it magnifies even bigger than God. Normal squabbles can turn into a full blown battle if we are not careful with our actions. Pure kindness can be colored with… Continue reading Your TEST To TESTimony


You Are Not Alone

Never think that you are, child. I'm here, I'm always here even of you are too busy to notice. I was there when you tried to understand a difficult person who thought you are as difficult. I was there when you doubted your capability to uplift and make a difference. I was there when you… Continue reading You Are Not Alone

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17 in 2017: No Goals, Just Habits in 2018!

This post has been in draft since December 27, 2017. Had I been the same, I would have pushed to finish before 2018 started. But these days, I have developed a conscious mindfulness to not sweat on the small stuff especially one that is self-imposed - same goes for my yearly resolutions (no resolution post… Continue reading 17 in 2017: No Goals, Just Habits in 2018!

[WIN] Women In NCR

Missing My Women

God pulled me out for a purpose. 🙂 Couldn't be more happier seeing them soar without me. No one probably thought that after below is our 1st and last ball together: Missing them everyday especially on times when I find something interesting to share. Everytime I listen to my audiobooks, at the back of… Continue reading Missing My Women

Audiobook Finds

Character-based Leadership

Today's audiobook in below excerpt was looped 4 times. Learned the exciting concept of character-based or a virtue-based leadership.  The world loves TALENT but pays off on CHARACTER. Excerpt from the book "Exception to the Rule: The Surprising Science of Character-Based Culture, Engagement, and Performance" The antidote to navigating turbulent times isn’t more rules. It… Continue reading Character-based Leadership