Why Blog?

Why share? Just why. I may have written a lot but as the years went by keeping it a habit has its own reason. Mainly, it is for me to remember. I could keep it private but for the sake of those few who keep up with me, it is public. Sometimes I’ve thought of closing them. But then I would worry that someone would worry and wonder what has become of me. Haha!

But maybe, it’s just me. I hate it when people ask how I’ve been when everything is just available in my fb, instagram & blogs.  If I close them, the thought of having to narrate my exciting life is just annoying. But who knows, maybe soon I will close them but never will I stop writing! Detailing how I’m feeling and my experiences keeps me grounded and grateful. And because I am mindful of what I am posting, I have become mindful of everything as well.

Since I’ve started aiming to write more positives, I have become more positive too. Negative thoughts are rare. Bored thoughts are still frequent but was immediately aided by writing more.

I am happy to have finally owned just one username in wordpress. It was quite a leap merging everything and keeping it permanent. Every now and then, I thought of transferring to a dot com. I actually started last October 2016 but as of this update (April 2017), I haven’t been able to focus on it. I didn’t stop writing of course. But thoughts of finally exerting effort in blogging visits me every now and then. I maybe will. Soon.

For now, most of my blogging targets are personal. Hits & all those tips for traffic still bores me. I write what I want because the main purpose of why I write is myself. People is secondary. Knowing people followed & visited my blog is just a bonus. I’m grateful to God for giving me the gift of writing. I pray that not only do I inspire people to pursue their hunger for adventure but to pursue a relationship with God as well.

I’m going through a lot of changes lately. And it amazes me that through writing, I have managed to capture every season of my life. 🙂

I don’t know how you got here. Maybe I shared it to you in the hope that you will know me better or maybe you’ve stumbled in my blog from other sources. I have always believe in things happening for a reason.  You being here is not an accident. If you have that question in your mind or anything, don’t hesitate to drop me a message. Let’s make the world smaller by knowing one another.

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